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Licensed Nurse – Test

Competency Test for Licensed Nurses

The following test for LVNs and RNs is used to assess your experience and skills and help your Nurse Adviser place you in the proper assignment. Please choose the best answer to each question.

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A. Coordinated Care
The advanced directive in a patient chart is dated June 10, 1998. The patient’s son gives the nurse a new power of attorney for Healthcare dated 2001 that is different from the June 10, 1998 advance directive. A nurse should:
The legal age for expressing one's wishes through an advance directive is:
In acute care setting, who might expect the patient to be an advocate for her/him?
The effect of managed care in the healthcare systems has been to:
Your patient with schizophrenia would most likely be treated by which consultant?
Aphasia is:

B. Safety & Infection Control
Acute Hyphema is associated with what type of injury?
The nurse discovers a waste basket fire in the room of a sleeping patient. What action should taken first by the nurse?
The nurse in an emergency situation tries to determine whether a client has an airway obstruction. Which of the following should the nurse assess?
All of the following are causes of vaginal bleeding except:
The nurse is preparing to administer IV Vancomycin to the client. Which of the following nursing actions should be taken first?

C. Health Promotion and Maintenance
When observing elders with the swallowing disorders, which of the following signs and symptoms would indicate to the nurse that the client may have aspirated?
When caring for a dying elder, the nurse should recognize which of the following behaviors as regression?
When a client has oral cancer, which of the following medical treatments should the nurse expect to have the greatest negative impact on body image?
A client has been taking Lasix to prevent congestive heart failure. What other intervention can the nurse discuss with the client concerning dietary modifications?
While caring for a client with an HIV related illness, the nurse should use what type of precautionary measures?

D. Psychological Integrity
A student nurse is caring for a 75 year old client who is very confused. The student's communication tools should include:
Mary is a client on the acute care unit. The nurse notices as she talks with Mary that Mary is unable to make and maintain eye contact. She puts her head down and looks at the floor. The nurse's assessment of Mary is:
The nurse is caring for a client who is dying of terminal cancer. While assessing the client for signs of impending death, the nurse should observe the client for:
The nurse has informed the family of a terminally ill comatose client about the loss of various senses during imminent death. The nurse determines that the family understands the instructions when one of the family members says that it is believed that the last sense to leave the body is the sense of:
The assessment component of the nursing process requires effective communication to elicit a complete, relevant history from the patient and to identify patient problems. What role does communication play in the other areas of the nursing process?
The nurse assesses for which of the following mental disorders in a child who has experienced abuse?

E. Basic Care & Comfort
The nurse should have the client use appropriate safety measures with care by:
A client with major head trauma is receiving bolus enteral feeding. The most important nursing order for this patient is:
Physical examination of the patient regarding mobility should begin with:
Pain is primarily a:
Pressure ulcers usually occur:

F. Medications
Which of the following insulins is peakless and thus can be given at any time during the day as long as it is the same time from one day to the other?
The peak of action regarding the time when a patient taking Humalog or Novolog is at greater risk of hypoglycemia is:

Use the dropdowns for each drug to match it to the actions. Use the down arrow on the right to engage the dropdowns.
Bonus Question:
Does not count against general score if incorrect.

Basic Science: What is the chemical name of water?

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