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CNA – Test

Competency Test for CNAs (full)

The following test for Certified Nurse Aides is used to assess your experience and skills and help your Nurse Adviser place you in the proper assignment. Please choose the best answer to each question.

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A. Universal Precautions
You are bathing a patient/resident with open wounds. Gloves do not need to be worn.
A patient/resident who has contracted the HIV virus and has developed AIDS and/or ARC will have increased difficulties fighting any contracted infection.
Disposable gloves can be sanitized after use by using alcohol-containing sanitizing foam or washing thoroughly with soap and hot water. This is an accepted procedure for re-using disposable gloves for more than one patient/resident contact.
The Centers for Disease Control has no recommendation for healthcare workers regarding Hepatitis B immunization who may potentially come into contact with blood, bodily waste, or other potentially infectious body fluids on the job.
Standard Precautions apply to all of the following potential bodily fluids and excretions, even if they don't visibly contain blood, such as urine, feces, nasal fluids, sputum, sweat, emesis, and tears.
AIDS can be spread through any of the following: sexual contact, needle sharing, infected blood or blood products, or from an infected female to her unborn child.
In any healthcare facility, every employee and staffed contractor is responsible for infection control, proper sanitary procedures and assuring the privacy and safety of every patient/resident and other healthcare worker.
Despite a dramatic increase in its use, the vaccine against Hepatitis B has done little to suppress its rates of infection.
When possibly contacting bodily fluids or excretions of a patient/resident who is very healthy and has no known infections, it is acceptable to not use disposable gloves.
Hand-washing should be done:
Infections can enter the human body through:
Healthcare workers are at risk of exposure to:
The best way to remove an isolation gown is to:

B. CNA Regulations, Ethics and Similar
The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act is a:
The nurse aide is offered a $ 20 bill by a patient's or resident's family member in appreciation for a job well done. The CNA should:
A nurse aide who is an active member of their church is staffed to care for a client who is not a member of any religious group. It is acceptable for the nurse aide to:
How can a nurse aide best assist a family member who is having difficulty accepting a loss?
The single most important aspect of being a contractor through Applegate Medical Staffing is to provide at every possible opportunity, for the safety and privacy of the client/resident/patient.
The process of restoring a disabled or injured patient/resident to their highest level of functionality is called:

C. Vitals
A patient/resident has just consumed an icy-cold beverage when the duty nurse asks for an oral temperature. You should:
The best and most common place to use a typical blood pressure cuff is:
When taking a patient/resident's weight, the best procedure is to:
When helping a client who has had a stroke to walk, the CNA should most often:
While caring for a client with an HIV related illness, the nurse should use what type of precautions?
This temperature measurement site is considered the most reliable:

D. CNA Math and Measurements
1.5 teaspoons is roughly equivalent to:

Nil Per Os is:

A resident/patient's intake & output numbers should be totaled:

An example of the proper measurement for a CNA to use when measuring urinary output is:

6 oz is equivalent to 190 milliliters:

To convert 8 oz of juice to milliliters (ml) the CNA should calculate this way:

E. Basic Care & Comfort
A CNA enters a patient/resident's room and discovers the client is sitting in their chair masturbating. The CNA can/should:

The first sign of a pressure sore is:

All of the following are signs of abuse and/or neglect except:

When changing the linens on an occupied bed, the CNA should:

A CNA enters a patient/resident room. The client complains of being in great pain. The CNA should:

Pressure ulcers usually occur:

When dressing a client, a CNA should:

A client wakes up during the night and asks for something to eat. The CNA should:

A client has weakness on the right side of their body, affecting the right arm somewhat. The correct procedure for assisting with the dressing and undressing of a client with their wool sweater is to first:

Changes in hearing that occur with age progression are most likely to initially affect the hearing of:

Exercises that assist with the rehabilitation of an injured leg are called:

A resident who is inactive is at risk of constipation. In addition to increasing activity and exercise, a good CNA, to help avoid constipation in their client, will:

The CNA discovers a client suddenly becomes short of breath. CNA should call the nurse, then:

A sudden change to the brain due to either hemorrhage or blockage of an artery is called:

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